- PI of the Alpage's part of the ANR SoSweet projec (led by JP Magué)

- co-PI of the Alpage part of the Deep Sequoia project (creating a deep syntax treebank for French), with Marie Candito (we both merged our funding for this, Marie led the annotation design). Done with Nancy (Semagramme team)

- PI of the Cr#pBank project (side project of the ANR Edylex, with Benoit Sagot) aiming at producing a treebank of noisy user-generated content (tweeter, facebook, doctissimo and jeux videos.com). First phase produced 1800 sentences. A second phase aiming at adding 2500 sentences is currently ongoing (funded by the Labex Empirical Foundation of Linguistics (EFL, axe 6)). Available now on request (will be online soon)

- Pi of the Question Bank project (funded by the Labex EFL, axe 6). A treebank of 3200 questions have been annotated (both phrase structures and dependencies). Will be released soon (papers are on their way).

- PI of the Sorbonne part of the Sequoia project (ANR Sequoia, PI Alexis Nasr) 2009-2011. One nice outcome: an out-of-domain treebank for French!

(more to come)

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