Current Collaborations

  • Axa R&D group (2020/..., with Yves Rychener, Xavier Renard and Marcin Detyniecki, work on Bertology and understanding blackbox NLP models)
  • R&D group (2020/..., with Thomas Scaliom and Jacopo Stanio, work on synthetic data augmentation for multilingual question answering systems)
  • LightON (2020/... with Julien Launay, Igor Carron, Laurent Daudet and Iacopo Poli, work on understanding extremely large language models)
  • Quant Cube (2020/..., with Thai Long Hyunh and Oussama Belmejdoub, work on multilingual NLP, automatic factchecking and quality evaluation of information source)

Past Collaborations

  • Fortia Financial Service R&D group (2017/2019, with Sira Ferradans, Laura Perinetti and Jacopo Stanio, work on strong preprocessing chain, building of accurate evaluation data set for semantic analysis)
  • Davi Virtual Assistants (2012/2013, with Karan Fouladi and Pascal Arbault, work on French NLP syntactic parsing pipeline and unsupervised clustering for domain adaptation)