Welcome into my own little personnal space... '


I'm a tenured associate professor (Maître de Conférence) in the University Paris-Sorbonne . From September 2006 to December 2009, I was a member of the Lalic Team, then at Alpage until the end of that project. Now, I'm a member of the Almanach team.

I used to be a postdoc at the DCU's GramLab group.
Before that I was a Phd Student in the Langue et Dialogue team at the Loria in France.

My interests cover all parts of Natural Language Processing, mainly syntatic analysis, wide coverage parsing, syntax-semantic interface, etc.
Those days I'm involved into parsing user generated content through treebanking and parsing, focusing on context-aware models.


Together with Marie Candito, I'll be organizing the Treebank and Linguistics Theory conference 2019 edition in paris. It'll be a joint even with Depling 2019 and the UD 2019 workshop.

Our 2017 #ParsingTragedy system was re-evaluated and finally ranked #3 overall :) This year's system (by mostly my students Ganash Jawahar and Benjamin Muller ranked #10 with a nice model though (ELmo and external lexicon features, Dozat's neural model).


Teaming up with the Stanford NLP group (Sebastian Schuster and Chris Manning). We ranked #1 and #3 at the Extrinsic Evaluation Shared 2017 Shared task :)

We unofficially scored #6 at the #ParsingTragedy shared task. Why unofficial? because a bug in the official metadata led our parser to failback on delexicalized mode for all languages. Ranking #26 but #3 on POS tagging. Check out or paper


co-orgnanizing the SPMRL 2014 Shared Task (with Reut Tsarfaty and Sandra Kübler)
Check it out : http://www.spmrl.org/spmrl2014-sharedtask.html it's still ongoing. This year with an emphasis on semi supervized parsing!

honorably participating in the Semeval task 8 broad coverage semantic parsing (two transition-based graph parsers + syntactic features)

co-orgnanizing the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task (with Reut Tsarfaty and Sandra Kübler)
Check it out : http://www.spmrl.org/spmrl2013-sharedtask.html

More up-to-date wiki is here :

Ranked #2 and #3 on the constituency parsing track of the sancl 2012 google shared task system based on self-training, delicate part-of-speech, normalisation and hard clustering (With Benoit Sagot)

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