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I'm a tenured associate professor (Maître de Conférence) in the University Paris-Sorbonne on teaching leave (détachement) since February 2018 on a senior researcher position (Hors-classe) at the Inria Paris, within the the Almanach team.

From September 2006 to December 2009, I was a member of the Lalic Team at la Sorbonne, then at Alpage until the end of that project.

I did my PhD in Nancy's Loria Langue et Dialogue group then a postdoc at in Dublin at the DCU's GramLab group.

My interests cover all parts of Natural Language Processing, mainly syntactic analysis, wide coverage parsing, syntax-semantic interface, etc.

Those days I'm involved into parsing user generated content through treebanking and parsing, focusing on context-aware models. More and more involved into contextual neural language models for under ressourced languages. Contact me if you're interested !

NEWS (2023)

  • Fantastic: we got a paper accepted at ACL2023 ! check it out here it's about a new sota LM for French ! Congrats Wissam !
  • Got promoted to the Hors-Classe this year !
  • Ghazi Felhi defended his PhD thesis :)
  • I got interviewed by France Info about ChatGPT and its impact on student production (Replay here) and by L'Express magazine about the ways to possibly detect language models-generated content (article here) !
  • Gave a cool talk at Goteborg in January :)


Publications page updated, many papers were accepted! Very good 2022 year :)

I'll be giving a talk next week at Goteborg in Sweden :)

Benjamin Muller defended his thesis on November 2022, congrats!

We got a NAACL accepted paper, bravo Ghazi and Jospeh !

I gave an interview in January at France Culture for La méthode scientifique ("7mn reportage")

Great news! I gave a tutorial at the NLP winter school in the Alps (Sometime between January 17th and January 21st, 2022) !!

Also I gave a cool talk at the ENS Lyon as part of their IXXI seminar series Recording (in French) here

I'm invited to give a talk at the DFKI on CamemBert and Character-based Bert models (October 12th)!

Another cool year (2021) : One huge European project accepted! 3 papers accepted at EACL, NAACL and EMNLP ! Many ongoing work papers accepted at cool workshops! Congrats to my students!

Great year so far (2020) (beside that whole global pandemic of course): 3 papers accepted at ACL, one at LREC. Co-organization of the first two IWPT shared tasks on parsing Enhanced Universal Dependencies and super interesting collaborating work UGC treebanking.

Another talk given at the NLP Paris Meetup about CamemBERT in last January, the French contextual Language models that was actually the first large scale BERT model to be released outside English. Talk on the same topic also given in front of the whole Axa R&D world-wide groups.

Together with Marie Candito, I'll be organizing the Treebank and Linguistics Theory conference 2019 edition in paris. It'll be a joint even with Depling 2019 and the UD 2019 workshop. (Actually it was a whole week of conferences, called the SyntaxFest 2019. Check that out SyntaxFest 2019 Website

Our 2017 #ParsingTragedy system was re-evaluated and finally ranked #3 overall :) This year's system (by mostly my students Ganash Jawahar and Benjamin Muller ranked #10 with a nice model though (ELmo and external lexicon features, Dozat's neural model).

Teaming up with the Stanford NLP group (Sebastian Schuster and Chris Manning). We ranked #1 and #3 at the Extrinsic Evaluation Shared 2017 Shared task :)

We unofficially scored #6 at the #ParsingTragedy shared task. Why unofficial? because a bug in the official metadata led our parser to failback on delexicalized mode for all languages. Ranking #26 but #3 on POS tagging. Check out or paper


co-orgnanizing the SPMRL 2014 Shared Task (with Reut Tsarfaty and Sandra Kübler)
Check it out : http://www.spmrl.org/spmrl2014-sharedtask.html it's still ongoing. This year with an emphasis on semi supervized parsing!

honorably participating in the Semeval task 8 broad coverage semantic parsing (two transition-based graph parsers + syntactic features)

co-orgnanizing the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task (with Reut Tsarfaty and Sandra Kübler)
Check it out : http://www.spmrl.org/spmrl2013-sharedtask.html

More up-to-date wiki is here :

Ranked #2 and #3 on the constituency parsing track of the sancl 2012 google shared task system based on self-training, delicate part-of-speech, normalisation and hard clustering (With Benoit Sagot)

(last updated April 17th, 2022)