Module Fix

include Fix__.Sigs
module type TYPE = sig ... end
module type OrderedType = Stdlib.Map.OrderedType
module type HashedType = Stdlib.Hashtbl.HashedType
module type FINITE_TYPE = sig ... end
module type PERSISTENT_MAPS = sig ... end
module type MINIMAL_IMPERATIVE_MAPS = sig ... end
module type IMPERATIVE_MAPS = sig ... end
module type PROPERTY = sig ... end
module type SEMI_LATTICE = sig ... end
module type MINIMAL_SEMI_LATTICE = sig ... end
type 'a fix = ('a -> 'a) -> 'a
module type MEMOIZER = sig ... end
module type TABULATOR = sig ... end
module type SOLVER = sig ... end
module type SOLUTION = sig ... end
module type GRAPH = sig ... end
module type DATA_FLOW_GRAPH = sig ... end
module type ONGOING_NUMBERING = sig ... end
module type NUMBERING = sig ... end
module type TWO_PHASE_NUMBERING = sig ... end
module type INJECTION = sig ... end
module Glue : sig ... end

Glue contains glue code that helps build various implementations of association maps.

module Memoize : sig ... end

Memoize offers a number of combinators that help construct possibly recursive memoizing functions, that is, functions that lazily record their input/output graph, so as to avoid repeated computation.

module Numbering : sig ... end

Numbering offers a facility for assigning a unique number to each value in a certain finite set and translating (both ways) between values and their numbers.

module GraphNumbering : sig ... end

GraphNumbering offers a facility for discovering and numbering the reachable vertices in a finite directed graph.

module Tabulate : sig ... end

Tabulate offers facilities for tabulating a function, that is, eagerly evaluating this function at every point in its domain, so as to obtain an equivalent function that can be queried in constant time.

module Gensym : sig ... end

Gensym offers a simple facility for generating fresh integer identifiers.

module HashCons : sig ... end

HashCons offers support for setting up a hash-consed data type, that is, a data type whose values carry unique integer identifiers.

module DataFlow : sig ... end

DataFlow performs a forward data flow analysis over a directed graph.

module Prop : sig ... end
module Fix = Fix__.Core
module Make = Fix__.Core.Make