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Current version is gprolog-1.2.16.rh.3

Table of Contents

1  What is it?

GNU Prolog RH is an extension of GNU Prolog with attributed variables, coroutinings and constraint logic programming over reals, developed by Rémy Haemmerlé  within the "Contraintes" project at INRIA.

GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains developed by Daniel Diaz. Please for more information refer to the original GNU Prolog web site.

Constraints over reals are solved using an incremental version of the simplex solver, lp_solve.

2  Supported Platforms

Warning : The current version of GNU-Prolog-RH has been only tested on x86/GNU/Linux, ix86/Win32(using Cygwin and MSVC++) and PowerPC / Darwin (Mac OS X) platforms, but should work on any other platforms supported by the original version of GNU-Prolog.

3  Documentation

The online HTML version can be consulted from this site.

You can also download several versions of the documentataion:

4  Download

The source distribution of GNU-Prolog-RH can be get by download here.

A binary RPM (compiled under i686/GNU/Linux) and a Win32 auto-install setup are also available.

Original Version of GNU-Prolog can be downloaded from here.

5  Reporting Bugs and Comments

Please report bugs and comments about Attributes, Coroutings and CLP(R) to Rémy Haemmerlé.

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