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Current teaching activities

Current pedagogic activities

Past Teaching activities

         1999-2000         Part time lecturer, University Nancy 2
         2000-2001         Part time lecturer Nancy 2
         2001-2002         Part time lecturer Nancy 2
         2002-2003         Lecturer University UHP Nancy (Linguistique)
         2003-2004         Lecturer University of Metz (Informatique)
         Computer Science         
                  C language (1st year students)
                  Algorithmic (1st year students)
                  Operating System (1st and 5th year students)
                  Mathematical Algorithmic (1nd year students)
                  Programming in CAML (1st year students)
                  Linguistic Tools (5th year students)
                  Distributed Applications (5th students)
                  Syntax (1st and 2nd year students)
                  Morphology (1st year student)
                  Introduction to linguistic (1st year student)
                  Linguistic for communication (1st year)

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