Compilation instructions

Nice source files are grouped by packages. A package is the compilation unit in Nice.
Each package resides in a separate directory.
I suggest you create a root directory for your nice packages:
mkdir ~/nice

Each time you begin writing a new package, just create a directory for it.
For instance, for package my.package:
mkdir -p ~/nice/my/package

Then you place all the Nice source files, with .nice extension, in that directory. The names of the files have no importance for the compiler, but they should be meaningful to you of course.
To compile your new package:
cd ~/nice
nicec my.package

The reason why it is necessary to enter the packages directory (~/nice) is that the default package path is the current directory. It is possible to specify it in the .nice.conf configuration file, which must be location in your home directory. It can contain a line of the form:
nice.package.path = /home/bonniot/nice:.

To get a list of the compiler's command line options, use:
nicec --help or nicec -h (GNU style options are used, thanks to package nice.opt).

If your package has a main(args) method (args has type Array<String>), then it is executable, and the compilation will create a jar file, which can be executed with
nicer my/package.jar

All imported packages are found automatically, and recompiled if necessary.
Nice enjoys separate compilation.