Jean-Jacques Lévy
Directeur de recherche émérite, Inria
Lambda Calculus, Term Rewriting Systems
Concurrency, Mobility
Programming languages
Program proofs
Operating Systems
Interactive Graphics
permutation equivalence
redex families, finite developments
safe and optimal reductions
free interpretation by Böhm trees
inside-out completeness
continuity and stability of Böhm trees
Term Rewriting Systems
orthogonal systems
permutation equivalence
call-by-need strategies
strong sequentiality
call-by-need evaluations
recursive path orderings
Concurrency, Mobility
distributed implementations
Programming languages
debugging of the Ariane 5 onboard software
review of the Columbus ISS module software
programming rules for ESA
Program proofs
sorting algorithms
graph traversals
strongly connected components
biconnected components
Esope time-sharing project
Raster-op package for Colorix
Event driver for Unix on SM90
Luciole layout editor for VLSI
Inria research teams Picube [2022], Pi.r2 [2021-2014], Moscova [2011 - 2000], Para [1999 - 1988].
Director of the Microsoft Research-Inria Joint Centre [2006 - 2012].
Professor of Computer Science at École polytechnique and MPRI [1990 - 2006].

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Laboratoire IRIF, bureau 3009
bâtiment Sophie Germain, 8 place FM/13*
Université Paris-Cité
Case 7014
75205 PARIS Cedex 13