Participants in the ECDL project

We couldn't fit everybody into the press releases unfortunately.

If you participated but aren't linked here yet, send me email with your details (

Thank you

First of all I would like to thank some people.

Michel Mauny, my boss, for letting me work on this!

Damien Doligez, Xavier Leroy and David Seal for helpful comments on the source code.

Jon Nathan for setting up a U.S. mirror and alternate email address for the project.

Brian Gladman, Jerry Coffin, Laurent Desnogues, Damien Doligez, Ian Miller and Jerry Whelan for porting the code., Tasty Bits, TechDirt,, LinuxToday, Beowulf Underground and DaLinuxFrenchPage for giving us publicity!

Everybody who contributed in some way or another.

- Rob.

Who are we?

Alan Ling at UVM.

Alpha OSF1:
Joachim Meyer.


Astrophysics & Supercomputing:
Paul Bourke.

Brain Dynamics:

British Telecom Labs:
Adrian Escott,
Alexander Selkirk,
John Sager.

CMS Vienna:
Hannes Schweiger.

CODES group at INRIA:
Lancelot Pecquet.

Douglas Frank,
Stefano Giorgi,
Rick Gorton,
Mike Schloss.

David Kidston

Laurent Desnogues.

Chris Smith.

DAIMI at University of Aarhus:
Thomas Jespersen.

Wieger Opmeer.

Entrust Technologies:
Dan Smith
Jeff Gilchrist

Marcus Maskos.

FoRK, Friends of Rohit Khare:
Wayne Baisley at FermiLab,
Elizabeth Cessna,
Ken Coar,
Rob Harley,
Rohit Khare,
Rajit Manohar at Cornell's Computer Systems Laboratory,
Chris Olds,
George Torres,
Jesse Vincent.

The GNU Project:
Hugo Gayosso,

GRECC/ENS, Complexity and Cryptography Research Group at École Normale Supérieure:
Guillaume Poupard.

GRVZ Quake2 servers:
Matt Barker,
Joey Sum.

INRIA (Rocquencourt research unit):
Sylvain Pion,
Cristal group including Rob Harley and Xavier Leroy,
Coq group,
Para group including Damien Doligez and Alan Schmitt,
Sosso group,
Méval group.

Joachim Meyer.

ISS, Internet Security Systems:
Russ Clements,
Bill Higgins,
David Pybus,
Dimitris Tsapakidis.

ITESO, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente:
José Guzman.

ITF, Stellenbosch:
Andrew van Biljon.

Kirk Pearson.

LIX, the Computer Science Lab at École Polytechnique:
Pierrick Gaudry.

LUT, Lappeenranta University of Technology:
Panu Rissanen.

Damien Doligez,
Ian Miller.

Larry Bates,
Pascal Cuoq,
Jim Gillogly,
Enric Peig,
C.W.P. Schoenmakers.

Network Alchemy:
Kenneth Adelman.

David Mentré at IRISA.

David Seal at ARM Ltd.

Medicis center at École Polytechnique.

Ralenti Management.

Rupture Dot Net:
Jon Nathan, maintainer of U.S. Mirror for the project.

SOR group at INRIA:
Nicolas Richer.

SchlagTeam at UNSW:
Luke Daniel Deller,
Daniel Paul Potts,
Patryk Zadarnowski,
Damien Curtain.

STF at large:
Sven Dietrich.

Jerry Coffin.

Trusted Logic:
Xavier Leroy.

Technischen Universität Wien:
Thomas Gschwind,
Stefan Katzenbeisser,
Andi Krall,
Herbert Valerio Riedel,
Philipp Tomsich.

uib, Universitet I Bergen:
Thomas Nøkleby.

USYD, University of Sydney:
Otto Konstandatos, in the School of Mathematics.

Brian Gladman,
and many others!