LP Solve - Incremental Version  

What is it ?

lp_solve_inc is an extension of lp_solve which provides simple and efficient functions to add (or remove) constraints and variables incrementally to a linear program developed by Rémy Haemmerlé  within the "Contraintes" project at INRIA.

The original version of lp_solve is a free linear programming code written in ANSI C by Michel Berkelaar.

lp_solve_inc has been developped in order to be interfaced with GNU Prolog to realize a constraint solver over reals (for more details please consult : GNU Prolog RH Web Site ).


The source distribution of lp_solve_inc can be get by download here.

Original Version of lp_solve can be downloaded from here.

Reporting Bugs and Comments

Please report bugs and comments about this version of lp_solve to Rémy Haemmerlé.

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