Listing by types of components

I made a list of 14 types of warriors (or components of warriors). These are in fact techniques that can be combined to make composite warriors. Most warriors use several of these techniques together. Each warrior appears under each of the types that it uses.

A stone is a warrior that bombs the core with a predefined bombing pattern, hoping to hit the opponent.
A paper is a self-reproducing warrior.
A vamp is a warrior that tries to force the opponent to execute its own instructions by using JMP as a bomb. Most of the time, this is combined with "stun".
A stunner is a warrior that tries to make the opponent split lots of useless processes, in order to slow it down. This covers "incendiary bombs" as defined in the FAQ, as well as most vampires and SPL/DAT core-clears (because of the SPL part).
This category covers imps, worms, imp rings and imp spirals.
A core-clear consists of sequentially wiping the whole core with a bomb. If a warrior incorporates a core-clear, it will appear in this category.
A scanner is a warrior that looks in the core for the opponent instead of attacking blindly.
I have put all pspace-aware warriors in this category: switchers, brainwashers, and handshakers are not separate (yet).
Bootstrapping consists of copying your own code away from its original location and leaving a big decoy behind for scanners to attack.
Imp gates try to prevent imps from overrunning them by constantly decrementing a core location before themselves.
Quick-scanners and quick-bombers do a one-time fast scanning or bombing run with an unrolled loop.
Michael's New Core War Tournament included a round where the goal was to write a factorization program. Some of the entries were posted to They are here.
Nandor and Stefan's Fall Core War Tournament included a round where the goal was to write a sorting program. Here are some of the entries.
This category includes programs using techniques that I could not fit in the other categories.