1997, first half

Newv4 (Rene Androsch) 1997-06-13 [mail] stone, imp
Switch It v2.2 (Rene Androsch) 1997-06-13 [mail] pspace, imp, stone, gate
PIG (Alexander Gabler) 1997-06-12 [mail] stone, imp
MouseBomb (Alexander Gabler) 1997-06-12 [mail] paper, gate
Limb Rending Incisors (Ian Sutton) 1997-05-01 [post] vamp, stun, clear, boot
Versatility 1.7 (Ross Morgan-Linial) 1997-04-19 [mail] pspace, scan, stun, clear, paper, boot, gate, stone
Simplicity (Anton Marsden) 1997-04-14 [Core Warrior 58] scan, stun, clear
unrequited love (Kafka) 1997-04-07 [post] quick, scan, paper
The Bloodhound (Ian Sutton) 1997-04-07 [post] scan, stun, boot, other
One Shot (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate, boot
One Shot 'T' (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] boot, scan, clear, gate, stun
Paper 'LP' (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] paper
Paper 'LP' II (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] paper
Inferno 1.8 (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] stone, clear, stun
Tribbles (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] paper
Romulan Warbird (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-02 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate
NCC-1701-A (Philip Kendall) 1997-04-01 [Core Warrior 57] pspace, boot, stone, scan, clear, gate
Ugly (John Regehr) 1997-03-26 [mail to corewar-ga] clear
Hopefully Indestructible v1.0 (Ian Sutton) 1997-03-20 [post] boot, clear, gate
Completely Indestructible v1.0 (Ian Sutton) 1997-03-20 [post] paper
One Man Army v1.0 (Ian Sutton) 1997-03-20 [post] stone, stun, clear, gate
ga_24.red (jason) 1997-03-19 [post] clear
Instantaneous-Coffe v0.1 (JS Pulido) 1997-03-11 [post] scan, stun, clear, imp
SHRAPNEL (El Filibusterismo) 1997-03-07 [post] vamp
SMARTFRIAR (El Filibusterismo) 1997-03-07 [post] vamp
VAMPYRE (El Filibusterismo) 1997-03-07 [post] vamp
Warrior #638 / Generation #52 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] clear
Warrior #127 / Generation #33 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] clear
Warrior #699 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] clear, other
Warrior #939 / Generation #17 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] clear
Warrior #528 / Generation #15 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] clear
Warrior #112 / Generation #11 (Evolution) 1997-03-06 [post] other
QuickD (Franz) 1997-03-06 [post] quick, scan, clear
musket loader v2 (Brian Haskin) 1997-03-05 [post] scan, clear, stun
phantom clear (Brian Haskin) 1997-03-05 [post] boot, clear, stun
rugby 1.0b (John K. Lewis) 1997-03-03 [post] stone
Archer II (Franz) 1997-02-25 [post] scan, clear
Archer (Franz) 1997-02-20 [post] scan, clear
He Scans Alone (Paul Kline) 1997-02-17 [post, post] scan, stun
Scanitator 4 (Christian Schmidt) 1997-02-16 [mail] quick, scan, pspace, paper, stone, boot
Terkonit 0.4 (Christian Schmidt) 1997-02-16 [mail] quick, scan, boot, paper, imp
Repliscan (Christian Schmidt) 1997-02-16 [mail] scan, paper
SUB/JMN Prototype (Franz) 1997-02-07 [post] scan, clear, stun
faerie circle (John K. Lewis) 1997-01-30 [mail] imp, stone, clear, boot
RedPixel.3 (John K. Lewis) 1997-01-30 [mail] scan, stun, clear
Rusty v1 (John K. Lewis) 1997-01-30 [mail, Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 3)] scan, other
mScan (Paul Kline) 1997-01-23 [post] scan, clear, stun
RetroQ (Paul Kline) 1997-01-22 [Core Warrior 54] quick, scan, imp, stone, boot, paper, imp