Tools for Dynamic Analysis and Debugging of Constraint Programs



The consortium is composed of four academic partners:

INRIA-Rocquencourt (P. Deransart, F. Fages, L. Langevine)

Ecole des Mines of Nantes (J.-D. Fekete, N. Jussien)

INSA/IRISA Rennes (M. Ducassé, E. Jahier)

the University of Orleans (A. Tessier, W. Lesaint, G. Ferrand,
A. Ed-Dbali)

and two industrial partners:

Cosytec (A. Aggoun)
Ilog (T. Baudel).
The partners of the project gather competences in three key fields for the project: tools for constraint program development, techniques of visualization and constraints programming.

Academic Partners

Industrial Partners