Outils pour l'Analyse Dynamique et la mise au point de
Programmes avec Contraintes

Tools for Dynamic Analysis and Debugging of Constraint Programs

Generic Trace Format for Constraint Programming

Here is the documentation relative to a generic trace format
for finite constraint solvers, including search space and propagation,
its syntax and its semantics.
 This generic trace enables debugging tools to be
defined almost independently from finite domain solvers, and
conversely, tracers to be built independently from these tools.

The trace syntax is represented using an XML DTD, called ``gentra4cp.dtd''.
A compliant trace is encoded in an XML format according to this DTD and follows
the described semantics.

The trace contains also some elements for communications and
synchronization between solvers and debugging tools.

 current version

Documentation (syntax and semantics):
newtrace_format.2.1.pdf (376K)  newtrace_format.2.1.ps (479K)
version of july 2004


gentra4cp.2.1 DTD  (compatible with version 2.0.2, 5/5/04, 8,2K)

previous version: gentra4cp.2.0.2 DTD  (12/04/04, 7,6K)
Tools are also conforming to this version

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