Repository of Problems and Traces

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This repository is a collection of problems. Each problem is a subproject managed by a subproject developer.  Anybody is invited to submit a new problem. Anybody is invited to contribute to enrich any problem in the repository.

The purpose of a subproject is to study different aspects of a problem leaving interesting or useful traces.
There are (among others) various justifications to keep a trace: it illustrates some particular property of the used solver,  it  clearly shows the way to solve the problem, it presents best analysis potential of some analysis tool. It may also illustrate  some characteristics of the problem or of its resolution which help to reach or to improve the solutions.; it may also help to find some modelling or programming mistake (using some solver and tool).

Each subproject/problem shall follow a project schema described here (to be done). To start a new project/program, prepare a first instance of the project, then contact one of the project administrator.

Some other objectives of a subproblem/project may be:   23/12/2005