Around PLI 99

If you are running after fun...

This page lists special events taking place in Paris at the time of the conference. The list should eventually grow. So check the page again before setting out for Paris

Wondering about the weather?

I am sorry to tell you that...

The week of conference (including the week-end before the conference) should be mostly cloudy. Perturbations coming from the West will push one after the other, all week-long. As a result clouds and sun will keep alternating. It might be a litlle windy and it may rain, but hopefully not all the time. Maximun temperatures will be between 17-22 C, and decreasing along the week.

You may check today's weather, a four-day broadcast, or here for more pointers. You can also listen to the phone broacast (in French) by calling 08 3668 0101, calling from france.

Looking for good addresses?


This is a good book to buy in the street for a weekly listing (change of schedule every Wednesday) of shows (music, theatre, movies), exhibitions, museums, retaurants, etc.

Have you already seen Eyes Wide Shut uncut ?

The Paris-Versailles race.

If you like running and are in town a day earlier, you might enjoy Paris-Versailles.