MMM Release Notes (distributed versions)

0.416 (May 7, 2000)


0.415 (Jan 20, 2000)


0.40 (Dec 2, 1996)


0.30beta(Apr 5, 1996)

The distribution is still available by anonymous ftp. You will find there binary versions of MMM for SunOS 4.1.x (sparc), Solaris 5.5 (sparc) DEC/OSF (alpha) and Linux a.out (i486, Pentium). The full source distribution is also available.

0.30 beta is mostly a bug fix release, though is has some nice new features.

If you want to learn more about MMM, here are several online documents:

Applets Applets Applets Applets

Applets for this new version are here.

0.30 alpha2, (Jan 16 1996)

0.30 alpha2 is mostly a bug fix release, though is has some nice new features.

Online documents about MMM Version 030alpha2:

Applets for the alpha2 version are here.

Version 0.30alpha1, Nov 14 1995

The list of changes for this version is here.
If you are still using 0.30alpha1, check this cool page, with applets in Caml!
(or use this other version of the page, with PGP signed applets. Requires PGP.)
More examples of applets (for extending the browser) are here.
More applets by Jun Furuse.
Siome animated applets (and their original version, by Pascal Brisset)

Online documents about MMM Version 0.30alpha1:

Version 0.26, Sep 22 1995


Version 0.25, Sep 15 1995


Known bugs, fixed in later versions

Previous releases

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