MMM Related work

There are several topics in MMM for which there exists related work. Some of them are Also, here is a partial (Bibtex) list of references.


This list is not exhaustive. I have a bias towards freely available software and published work. If you feel something crucial is missing here, e-mail me some info.

Tcl/Tk and the Web

A Web browser, written in Tcl/Tk, and using the WWW library from the W3C (Overview of tkWWW)
A Web browser, using only Tcl/Tk, written by Steve Ball, with an HTML library from Stephen Uhler (also uses (?) Tcl-DP, BLT). SurfIt has Tcl applets.
Grail is a Web browser written in Python using Tcl/Tk. Grail is still an experimental prototype, but supports Python applets.
Tcl/Tk Plugin
The Tcl group has released a plugin for the Netscape Navigator, for supporting Tcl/Tk applets.
WebTk is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and browser written in Tcl and Tk by Brent Welch.
Other work
Hyper Tcl pointers to work on Tcl/Tk and the Web.

Applets and mobile code


Luca Cardelli has proposed Obliq, a lexically-scoped untyped interpreted language that supports distributed object-oriented computation.

Java and Hotjava

Java (or european mirror) is of course the pioneer for applets. Elements of comparison of Java/Hotjava, Caml/MMM are given here.
Java and HotJava are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Anselme Baird-Smith has been working, for his "Thèse de Doctorat", on mobile code in Oscheme.


Matthew Fuchs has written a Ph.D. thesis (Dreme: for Life in the Net) where Dreme, a dialect of Scheme, is used for mobile code.


See above.


Juice is to the Oberon language what the Java Virtual Machine is to the Java language

Other references

The W3 Consortium is maintaing a page on mobile code.

ML and networks

Caml-Light and WWW

Some work has been done with Caml Light in the WWW project of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Standard ML and WWW

The Fox project at CMU has implemented an HTTP server in Standard ML (with some modifications), down to the TCP/IP network device driver.

Objective Caml and networks

There is now a version of Horus written in ML (check the announce).
The V6 Engine
V6 is a personal programmable Web proxy server (whew) written in Objective Caml.
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