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A hot topic in Web-related research and development is mobile code, an approach where programs are considered as documents, and should therefore be accessible, transmitted and displayed (i.e. evaluated) as any other document. Mobile code is integrated in the Web, and in particular in HTML documents, through applets, a form of hypertext links refering to invocation of functions implemented in a mobile program. Applets add a new dimension to the Web, transforming traditional static documents into active documents containing executable programs.

Applets raise a number of technical problems, such as: portability, efficiency, and security. We propose an approach where applets are programmed in Caml Special Light, a language of the ML family, developped at INRIA. This approach is implemented in the MMM browser, and this documentation refers to the usage of applets in MMM.

The first chapter describes applets from the client point of view. The second chapter sketches documentation for applet development. The third chapter discusses applet security. Appendix A describes the libraries available for applet development, and their relation to security.

Francois Rouaix
Tue Nov 21 11:14:29 MET 1995