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The Widget module

type widget

val default_toplevel : widget

default_toplevel is "." in Tk, the toplevel widget that is always existing during a Tk session. Destroying default_toplevel ends the main loop

val atom : widget -> string -> widget

atom parent name returns the widget parent.name. The widget is not created. Only its name is returned. In a given parent, there may only exist one children for a given name. This function should only be used to check the existence of a widget with a known name. It doesn't add the widget to the internal tables of CamlTk.

val name : widget -> string

name w returns the name (tk "path") of a widget


The following functions are used internally. There is normally no need for them in users programs

val known_class : widget -> string

known_class w returns the class of a widget (e.g. toplevel, frame), as known by the CamlTk interface. Not equivalent to "winfo w" in Tk.

val dummy : widget

dummy is a widget used as context when we don't have any. It is *not* a real widget.

val new_atom : string -> widget -> widget

val new_named : string -> widget -> string -> widget

Abstract creation functions new_atom class parent new_named class parent name

val get_atom : string -> widget

get_atom path returns the widget with Tk path path

val remove : widget -> unit

remove w removes widget from the internal tables

Subtypes tables

val widget_any_table : string list

val widget_button_table : string list

val widget_canvas_table : string list

val widget_checkbutton_table : string list

val widget_entry_table : string list

val widget_frame_table : string list

val widget_label_table : string list

val widget_listbox_table : string list

val widget_menu_table : string list

val widget_menubutton_table : string list

val widget_message_table : string list

val widget_radiobutton_table : string list

val widget_scale_table : string list

val widget_scrollbar_table : string list

val widget_text_table : string list

val widget_toplevel_table : string list

val chk_sub : string -> 'a list -> 'a -> unit

val check_class : widget -> string list -> unit

Widget subtyping

exception IllegalWidgetType of string

Raised when widget command applied illegally

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