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The Protocol module

open Widget

Lower level interface

exception TkError of string

Raised by the communication functions

val debug : bool ref

When set to true, displays approximation of intermediate Tcl code

type tkArgs =
    TkToken of string
  | TkTokenList of tkArgs list		(* to be expanded *)
  | TkQuote of tkArgs			(* mapped to Tcl list *)


external splitlist : string -> string list
      	= "camltk_splitlist"

val add_destroy_hook : (widget -> unit) -> unit

Opening, closing, and mainloop

val   default_display : unit -> string

val   openTk : unit -> widget

val   openTkClass: string -> widget

val   openTkDisplayClass: string -> string -> widget

val   closeTk : unit -> unit

val   mainLoop : unit -> unit

Direct evaluation of tcl code

val   tkEval : tkArgs array -> string

val   tkCommand : tkArgs array -> unit

Returning a value from a Tcl callback

val   tkreturn: string -> unit

Callbacks: this is private

type cbid
type callback_buffer = string list

Buffer for reading callback arguments

val callback_naming_table : (cbid, callback_buffer -> unit) Hashtbl.t

val callback_memo_table : (widget, cbid) Hashtbl.t

Exported for debug purposes only. Don't use them unless you know what you are doing

val new_function_id : unit -> cbid

val string_of_cbid : cbid -> string

val register_callback : widget -> (callback_buffer -> unit) -> string

Callback support

val clear_callback : cbid -> unit

Remove a given callback from the table

val remove_callbacks: widget -> unit

Clean up callbacks associated to widget. Must be used only when the Destroy event is bind by the user and masks the default Destroy event binding

val cTKtoCAMLwidget : string -> widget

val cCAMLtoTKwidget : string list -> widget -> tkArgs

val register : string -> (callback_buffer -> unit) -> unit
val prerr_cbid : cbid -> unit

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