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What is CamlImages ?

CamlImages is an image processing library, which provides

  1. Basic functions for image processing and loading/saving various image file formats (hence providing a translation facility from format to format),
  2. An interface with the Caml graphics library allows to display images in the Graphics module screen and to mix them with Caml drawings,
  3. A freetype interface, integrated into the library: you can draw texts into images using any <EM>truetype</EM> fonts.

In addition, the library can handle huge images that cannot be (or can hardly be) stored into the main memory (the library then automatically creates swap files and escapes them to reduce the memory usage).

Additional example programs are supplied in the examples directory of the library:

  1. converter: a convertion program, that converts image from formats to formats.
  2. crop: a "cropping" program, that cuts an image to its edges.
  3. edgedetect: a program to detect edges into an image.
  4. gifanim: an animation program for gif encoded series of images.
  5. lv: an extension of the Unix ls command to view a set of images. (Also considered as a light version of xv with nice slide show capabilities.)
  6. monochrome: converts a color image to monochrome.
  7. normalize: normalizes the colormap of an image. This program anlyzes the colormap information of the image to normalize its brightness over the full range available.
  8. resize: a program to resize an image.
  9. tiffps: a program to output a postscript version of a tiff image (for instance to print it).
  10. ttfimg: true type font dump program. It can be used to create fancy banners or buttons. Try for instance ttfimg ../../test/micap.ttf -message Bonjour -fg red -bg black. Visualize lv (of course). ttfimg also creates some sample images of true type fonts. Try ttfimg -o sample_micap.jpg ../../test/micap.ttf.

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