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The String2 module

val string_ncmp : string -> string -> int -> bool

compare two strings, looking just the first n characters

val search_from : string -> int -> string -> int

search_from doc pos str search the first occurence of the string str in doc, starting at index pos

val replace : string -> char -> string -> string

replace doc c str replace all the occurences of the char c in doc by the string str

val split : string -> char -> string list

split str c split the string str in substrings separated by the character c

val unsplit : string list -> char -> string

unsplit str c reverse operation of split

val convert : 'a -> (Buffer.t -> 'a -> char -> 'a) -> string -> string

convert init f s iterates on all characters of s, calling f to fill a generated buffer using a status value, init being the initial status for the first call to f. It returns the content of the buffer.

val before : string -> int -> string

before s pos returns the substring of s starting at pos 0 and of length pos.

val after : string -> int -> string

after s pos returns the end substring of s starting at pos.

val cut_at : string -> char -> string * string

cut_at s c returns the substrings of s before and after the first c in s. The second substring is empty if s doesn't contain c. The first c of s is not contained in the two substrings.

val check_prefix : string -> string -> bool

check_prefix s prefix checks whether prefix is a prefix of s.

val upp_initial : string -> string

upp_initial s returns a copy of s with uppercase first character.

val subequal : string -> int -> string -> int -> int -> bool

subequal s1 pos1 s2 pos2 len checks without allocation whether the sub-strings of s1 at pos1 of len and of s2 at pos2 of len are equals.

val subcontains : string -> string -> bool

subcontains s sub checks whether sub appears in s.

val of_char : char -> string

of_char c returns the string containing one c.

val resize : string -> int ->  string

resize s len returns a string of length len starting with s.

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