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The Tkanim module

open Widget
open Tk
open Support

Data types

type animatedGif

This data type contains all the information of an animation of gif89a format. It is still test implementation, so I should keep it abstract. -- JPF

type imageType =
    Still of Tk.options
  | Animated of animatedGif

This data type is required to distinguish normal still images and animated gifs. Usually objects typed imagePhoto or imageBitmap are used for Still.


val debug : bool ref 

Library availability check

val available : unit -> bool

available () returns true if there is Tkanim Tcl/Tk extension linked statically/dynamically in Tcl/Tk interpreter. Otherwise, return false.

User intaface

create is unsafe

val create  : string -> imageType

create file loads a gif87 or gif89 image file and parse it, and returns Animated animated_gif if the image file has more than one images. Otherwise, it returns Still (ImagePhoto image_photo)

val delete  : animatedGif -> unit

delete anim deletes all the images in anim. Usually animatedGifs contain many images, so you must not forget to use this function to free the memory.

val width   : animatedGif -> int

val height  : animatedGif -> int

width anim and height anim return the width and height of given animated gif.

val images  : animatedGif -> imagePhoto list

images anim returns the list of still images used in the animation

val animate : widget -> animatedGif -> bool -> unit

val animate_canvas_item : widget -> tagOrId -> animatedGif -> bool -> unit

They are the display function for animated gifs. Because animatedGif is abstracted, they are the only way to do it. animate label anim and animate_canvas_item canvas tag anim display animations anim on a label widget label and an image tag tag on a canvas widget canvas respectively. Note that animation is stopped as default. These functions return interface functions, say, inter : bool -> unit. Currently, inter false toggles start/stop of the animation, and inter true displays the next frame of the animation if it is stopped.

val gifdata : string -> imageType

gifdata data reads data as a row data of a gif file and decode it.

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