cdk_doc is a tool that helps you building html documentation for the caml libraries you write. It uses very simple convention to make web or man pages from .mli files. It can also be used to generate web pages from special files with .doc extensions.


cdk_doc [options] file.doc
cdk_doc [options] file1.mli file2.mli ...
Available options are:

Conventions used for the generation

All the documentation is inserted in caml files as comments. You'll need to tag your comments in order cdk_doc to understand them. A comment is tagged if you start it with some predefined char. Here are the different beginning of comments understood by cdk_doc:

If a comment contains the string "$id", all following untagged comments are treated as if starting by "(*d".

In all your comments, if you write something inside "[]", it will be displayed as code (TT tag). If you write something inside "{{" ... "}}", it will be printed as preformated code.


Here is an example of an interface and its corresponding html page generated by cdk_doc.

Dernière modification: 26 mars 2001.