Index of types

accessibility [Cash]
The following is_file_not_... procedures return this accessibility information about a named file/file descriptor/channel.
autoreap_policy [Cash]

bufpolicy [Cash]

date [Cash]
delim_matcher [Cash]
The many ways to specify how to match fields or delimiters.

error_packet [Cash]
existing [Cash]
What the following file_not_exists_... return.

fd [Cash]
The Unix view of file descriptors.
fdes_flags [Cash]
file_info [Cash]
What is returned by file_info_....
file_kind [Cash]
file_match_pattern [Cash]
file_perm [Cash]

group_info [Cash]
This record gives the recorded information for a particular group.

handle_delim [Cash]
handle_field_delim [Cash]
Another handle_delim type reserved for field spliting.
herror [Cash]
host_info_... could fail and raise the following error for one of these reasons.
host_info [Cash]
host_info_... return a value of this type.

inet_addr [Cash]
The type of Internet hosts addresses.
itimer [Cash]
The three kinds of interval timers.
itimer_status [Cash]
The status of an interval timer

msg_flag [Cash]

network_info [Cash]
network_info_... return a value of this type.

open_flag [Cash]
The flags to open_file_....
override [Cash]

prio [Cash]
probe_pid [Cash]
The type of the ~probe argument to proc_of_pid, that determines what action to take if there is no process object indexed by the given pid in the system.
proc [Cash]
The type of a process object; it encapsulates the subprocess' process id and exit code; it is the value passed to the wait system call (which gives access to the exit code when it is ready).
process_status [Cash]
process_times [Cash]
The process times are: tms_utime: user CPU time, tms_stime: system CPU time, tms_cutime: the sames for all..., tms_cstime: ...descendant (terminated) processes Note that CPU time clock resolution is not the same as the real-time clock resolution provided by time_plus_ticks.
protocol_family [Cash]
The protocol_family specifies the protocol family to be used with the socket.
protocol_info [Cash]
protocol_info_... return a value of this type.
protocol_level [Cash]
The protocol specifies a particular protocol to use within a protocol family and type.

seek_command [Cash]
Positioning modes for seek_...
selectable [Cash]
The kind of things you can ask to select.
service_info [Cash]
service_info_... return a value of this type.
shutdown_command [Cash]
sockaddr [Cash]
The format of a socket-address depends on the address family of the socket.
socket [Cash]
Type of the sockets.
socket_bool_option [Cash]
The first class consists of boolean options which can be either true or false.
socket_domain [Cash]
socket_float_option [Cash]
The fourth and final option kind of this time is a timeout option.
socket_int_option [Cash]
Value options are another category of socket options.
socket_optint_option [Cash]
A third option kind specifies how long for data to linger after a socket has been closed.
socket_type [Cash]
The socket_type specifies the style of communication.

termination_kind [Cash]
Type of the second value returned by low_read_delimited_bang and the ..._split procedures.
time_zone [Cash]
tty_c [Cash]
tty_chars [Cash]
tty_in [Cash]
tty_info [Cash]
The control-characters string
tty_l [Cash]
tty_out [Cash]

user_info [Cash]
This record gives the recorded information for a particular user.

wait_any [Cash]
wait_flag [Cash]