Cstr, a CharSet and STRing library

Cstr is a full-featured charset and string library. It's an Objective Caml implementation of the API described in SRFI 13 and 14 (SRFI is for "Scheme request for implementation"; i.e., semi-standard library interfaces). See the SRFI site.

User's manual

The Cstr user's manual is available here: in dvi form, postscript, or html. For now, it is incomplete: only the String13 interface is documented, and only the `main procedures'; there's no rationale section (because it's is identical to the original one.) However, in the meantime, one can certainly use the Charset14 module by reading the SRFI 14 document..


Download the source distribution

Bug reports, comments, etc.

If you find a bug (in the doc too), have remarks, etc., drop a message to Bruno.Verlyck@inria.fr.


This library is distributed under the GNU LGPL. See the enclosed file COPYING.

Copyright © 2003 INRIA all rights reserved.

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