Cash, the Caml Shell

Cash is a Unix shell that is embedded within Objective Caml. It's a Caml implementation of (an as large as possible subset of) the API of Scsh, the Scheme Shell by Olin Shivers. See the Scsh site.

What is Cash ?

The Scsh API is designed for writing useful standalone Unix programs and shell scripts (but rather not for interactive command use). It spans a wide range of application, from “script” applications usually handled with perl or sh, to more standard systems applications usually written in C.

It has two main components: a process notation for running programs and setting up pipelines and redirections (not yet implemented in Cash), and a complete syscall library for low-level access to the operating system, i.e. to POSIX, the least common denominator of more or less all Unices, plus widely supported extensions such as symbolic links and BSD sockets.

Cash may be considered as an alternative to the Unix module; the differences being:

User's manual

The Cash user's manual is available here: in dvi form, postscript, or html.


Download the source distribution

What's in this version ?

The current version is Cash 0.20, released on the last week of 2002 Aug.

For those who know Scsh, when compared to the full Scsh API, Cash has a large part of the "procedural interface" of Scsh 0.5.3, but no syntax extensions: there's no process notation, no regexp notation, no awk loop. I intend to implement a process notation in a future release. Regexps are delegated to PCRE for now. I have no plan for awk.

What's been added/changed in 0.20:

What is still missing in the procedural interface:

Bug reports, comments, etc.

If you find a bug (in the doc too), have a contribution, etc., drop a message to


To all the authors of Scsh, but especially to Olin Shivers, for his enormous work of design of the API, and making it open source.


This program is distributed under the GNU LGPL. See the enclosed file COPYING.

Copyright © 2002 INRIA all rights reserved.

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