TIC '98

Second international workshop Types in Compilation

March 25-27, 1998, Kyoto, Japan

Proceedings published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1473, Springer-Verlag.
Editors: Xavier Leroy and Atsushi Ohori.

Table of contents

Introduction, Xavier Leroy, pages 1-8.

Typed intermediate languages

Compiling Java to a Typed Lambda-Calculus: A Preliminary Report, Andrew Wright, Suresh Jagannathan, Cristian Ungureanu, Aaron Hertzmann, pages 9-27.

Stack-Based Typed Assembly Language, Greg Morrisett, Karl Crary, Neal Glew, David Walker, pages 28-52.

How Generic is a Generic Back End? Using MLRISC as a Back End for the TIL Compiler, Andrew Bernard, Robert Harper, Peter Lee, pages 53-77.

Program analyses

A Toolkit for Constructing Type- and Constraint-Based Program Analyses (invited talk), Alexander Aiken, Manuel Fähndrich, Jeffrey S. Foster, Zhendong Su, pages 78-96.

Optimizing ML Using a Hierarchy of Monadic Types, Andrew Tolmach, pages 97-115.

Type-Directed Continuation Allocation, Zhong Shao, Valery Trifonov, pages 116-135.

Program transformations and code generation

Polymorphic Equality -- No Tags Required, Martin Elsman, pages 136-155.

Optimal Type Lifting, Bratin Saha, Zhong Shao, pages 156-177.

Formalizing Resource Allocation in a Compiler, Peter Thiemann, pages 178-194.

Memory management

An Approach to Improve Locality Using Sandwich Types, Daniela Genius, Martin Trapp, Wolf Zimmermann, pages 194-214.

Garbage Collection via Dynamic Type Inference --- A Formal Treatment, Haruo Hosoya, Akinori Yonezawa, pages 215-239.

Partial evaluation and run-time code generation

Strong Normalization by Type-Directed Partial Evaluation and Run-Time Code Generation, Vincent Balat, Olivier Danvy, pages 240-252.

Determination of Dynamic Method Dispatches Using Run-Time Code Generation, Nobuhisa Fujinami, pages 253-271.

Distributed computing

Type-Based Analysis of Concurrent Programs (abstract of invited talk), Naoki Kobayashi, page 272.

A Type-Based Semantics for User-Defined Marshalling in Polymorphic Languages, Dominic Duggan, pages 273-298.